Why use OpenMEEG?

OpenMEEG offers better precision.

How do you measure precision?

Relative difference measure (RDM) (should be close to 0) and Magnitude error (MAG) (should be close to 1):

\mathbf{MAG} = \left\| \frac{V_{bem}}{\|V_{bem}\|_2} - \frac{V_{exact}}{\|V_{exact}\|_2} \right\| \,,\, \mathbf{RDM} = \frac{\|V_{bem}\|_2}{\|V_{exact}\|_2}

A sample sphere model with 5 dipoles:

Sphere model with 5 dipoles Sphere model with 5 dipoles (zoom)

Benchmark: OpenMEEG outperforms other implementations

BEM Comparison MAGs BEM Comparison RDMs

See the following publication for more details on this comparison between different forward solvers:

  1. Gramfort, T. Papadopoulo, E. Olivi, M. Clerc. OpenMEEG: opensource software for quasistatic bioelectromagnetics, BioMedical Engineering OnLine 45:9, 2010