Compiling OpenMEEG

What you need to know

  • OpenMEEG compiles with CMake on Mac OS X, Windows 32 & 64, and Linux
  • Test suite requires CTest provided with CMake
  • OpenMEEG supports parallel processing with OpenMP (option to be enabled in CMake configuration)
  • OpenMEEG is faster if you use the Intel MKL libraries
  • The source code is hosted on github. Feel free so send us patches.

Compiling OpenMEEG on Linux or Mac OS

Step by step commands to be run in the terminal:

git clone # get the code
cd openmeeg # go into the openmeeg directory
mkdir build # create a build folder
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBUILD_TESTING=ON ..  # configure build with CMake
make # build the project
make test # test the build

You can replace cmake by ccmake to configure visually your project.

On windows you need to use the CMake GUI.